Born out of necessity

Tiatros is an award-winning configurable digital psychotherapeutic platform company that provides effective and affordable mental health, addiction and wellbeing services while connecting users with social support, crisis intervention services and other essential resources. The Tiatros platform dramatically increases the availability of effective mental health and addiction care services while reducing their cost and wait times.

Founder story

From 2013 to 2018, we embarked on a transformative journey, crafting tailored solutions for veterans programs, universities, and hospital systems. With dedication and innovation, we tackled some of the most pressing challenges faced by these diverse populations.

In 2019, a new chapter began as we unveiled our inaugural product version, built upon a robust enterprise-scale framework. This marked a significant milestone, paving the way for the next phase of our evolution. Over the ensuing four years, we distinguished ourselves through our adherence to evidence-based practices. Our efforts were validated by published peer-reviewed studies showcasing exceptional outcomes, earning acclaim and a few prestigious awards.

In 2022, a pivotal partnership emerged as we joined forces with the Veterans Health Administration Innovation team. Together, we embarked on a mission to develop a cutting-edge, highly secure platform designed to meet the unique needs of veterans. This platform, built with FedRamp compliance in mind, aimed to provide a hyperscale solution, drawing upon our clinical experience, programming expertise and data insights.

By 2023, the vision began to materialize as Tiatros forged a strategic alliance with Salesforce, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Leveraging Salesforce’s FHIR HL7 compliant Health Cloud, we set out to integrate seamlessly with Payor and Provider systems, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive and interconnected healthcare ecosystem.

With each step forward, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to innovation, collaboration and impact. Our journey is not just about building software. It is about transforming lives and shaping the future of healthcare for generations to come. And as we continue to push boundaries and defy expectations, our story unfolds as a testament to the power of ingenuity and perseverance in pursuit of a greater purpose.

Pioneering the future of mental health care for all

Bringing together decades of experience and diverse perspectives, our team is constantly looking innovative ways of responsibly using technology to support the evolving mental health needs of our users, customers, partners and stakeholders.

Kimberlie Cerrone

Founder & CEO

Kimberlie is a Silicon Valley-based dealmaker, technology and patent attorney, IP strategist and serial entrepreneur. She previously founded and took two startups through IPOs. She founded Tiatros Inc. after her sons returned home from military service with combat-related PTSD and waited over a year for appointments with psychiatrists. Her mission is to help the military, employers, education systems, provider systems and payors dramatically increase the availability of effective mental health, addiction care and wellbeing services while reducing costs and wait times. Kimberlie has graduate level education in Neuroscience, Business and Law.

Kim Norman, MD

Chief Psychiatric Officer

Kim is the founding UCSF Distinguished Professor for Adolescent and Young Adult Health. He founded and directed the UCSF Young Adult and Family Center where he led a multi-disciplinary transitional research team dedicated to creating and validating innovative scalable behavioral health therapeutics for underserved populations. He invented the award winning GritX application. He is a psychiatrist who trained at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Bronx Lebanon, UCSF and Stanford Medical Centers. 

Brian Gardepe

Executive Vice President

Brian is an expert in scalable software design with over thirty years’ experience bringing complex software and network solutions to market. Brian has held technology and executive roles at Xerox, Microsoft, Apple, Toshiba, Digital Equipment Corporation and Level 3 Communications. He founded five startups, most recently Wyr (now Freshwave), which was co-founded by Cisco and acquired by Digital Colony in 2018. He is a Techstars Mentor in Residence. He studied engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo. 

Indira Paharia, PsyD, MBA, MS

President, Tiatros Health

Indira is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years’ experience in behavioral healthcare management and operations. She most recently led Behavioral Health for 16+ million members nationally for the Centene Corporation, a Fortune 50 company. Indira served on the board of ABHW, representing payers on federal behavioral health policy, and was a national advisor to SAMHSA. She received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver, and Masters degrees in Healthcare Administration and Finance from Temple University.

Matt McCreary, MA

Chief Product Officer

Matt has been building market leading health tech products for the world’s largest employers for over 15 years. Before joining Tiatros, Matt served as Head of Product at LifeWorks (acquired by TELUS Health), the world’s largest B2B mental health and wellbeing provider. He received his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University and Graduate Certifications in Substance Abuse Counseling and Clinical Hypnosis.

Ryan Gibney

Head of Sales

Ryan has 11 years’ experience in healthcare software sales, building and leading sales teams and managing major Payor accounts, most recently as Regional Vice President, ISV Sales – Healthcare at Salesforce.

Benjamin Balazs

Head of Design

Benji has 20 years’ experience as a Chief Technology Officer, Product Designer, Cloud Application Developer, Full-Stack Engineer, iOS developer and UI & UX Designer for Lamborghini, Visa, Maserati and other major brands around the world.

Anya Sollish

Chief of Staff

Anya has over 10 years’ experience in the digital health industry as a strategic leader with expertise in executive alignment, translating vision into action, leading large-scale projects and mentoring teams for impactful results.

Our belief

Mental health cannot be taken for granted. By reducing the stigma associated with mental health, alleviating the loneliness that so often accompanies mental health issues, and unburdening those that are impacted by a mental health challenge, we believe that everyone can improve their mental health.

  • Everyone is entitled to better mental health
  • Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of
  • You don’t have to deal with it on your own
  • Mental health can be fun

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