Evidence-based psychological resilience and Behavioral Health programs with unprecedented outcomes

Cutting edge treatment methods and a community of people who want to share in your success. No waiting to start. No appointments to miss. No high costs or stigma to overcome.

Start your lifelong journey of mental health and personal growth with us today.


Social Healing on Your Schedule

You need privacy and you need to share your story. You need expert guidance and the understanding of people just like you. You need to make time to work on yourself and get to work on time. We balance these competing demands so you can focus on personal growth.


Expert design and delivery

Our programs incorporate evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods and exercises as their foundation. We select the expert storytellers, science lecturers, and exercise leaders for each unique offering to make all of our programs relatable and engaging.

proven Methods

Programs tailored to your needs and demographics. 8 weeks of personal growth work done from any time and place, with expert guidance and the enthusiasm of your peer group. Our system maximizes outcomes and completion rates for users of every type.


relevant and Engaging

Mastering the skills you need to be the best version of yourself should be as exciting as the end results. Our TED Talk-style presentations and exercises featuring real people, brain scientists, relationship experts, and yoga masters makes it fun to turn practice into progress.

Find Lasting Support and Tangible results With Tiatros

“…when the program began, I was even less sure of how to open up and was somewhat fearful of expressing myself, without fear of being judged adversely…

...as the program progressed, I felt more connected and involved as the material had a close connection with certain past experiences and events that occurred in my life. I’m grateful for having signed up for this course. 

This has given me insight into not only some personal experiences, but also as to how I can improve my relationships with some of the most important people in my life."

— Tiatros Program Participant