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Tiatros® Research
Revolutionize the Way You Conduct Clinical Research
Setup and manage your clinical research studies within a HIPAA-Compliant Cloud
Setting Up A Research Study Has Never Been Simpler
Whether you have a 5 patient study or 50,000, Tiatros provides an easy method to organize tasks, forms, files and people around each patient with our patented Tiatros Carepod.T.M.
Build your study evaluation schedule, setup study intervention, any concomitant interventions and patient reported outcomes tasks easily. Set reminders on these for better compliance.
Collaborate with your research team members across sites, Communicate with your patients or anyone else in the extended study team, right from the Study Workspace.
Our intuitive, social media-styled messaging tools makes it all easy. Use our built-in Video Chat to jump into a call.
All access to communication is controlled by you and encrypted to maintain privacy
Use Tiatros' Intuitive Form Designer to Easily Create Electronic Data Capture Forms
From complex multiple page evaluation forms to simple data measures, use our form designer to create them all within Tiatros Research. All forms are added to your Account Library for you to re-use at anytime, or use as a starting point for new forms
Collect Data on Any Device
Tiatros' data capture interface has been designed to make it easy to fill out information from smart phones and tablets, making it easy to collect patient reported outcomes directly from the patient, with no need for data entry. For your research team, Tiatros is a modern replacement for the clipboard.
Track Progress with the Study Dashboard
Real-time updates help to keep your study on track. A consoilidated view helps you get a birds eye view of the entire study and drill down into a specific area.
"We do 1,000 clinical trials a year here at UCSF. Tiatros Research will allow us to recruit subjects faster, increase patients’ compliance with our protocols, report results faster, and stop unsuccessful trials much sooner. Tiatros Research will change how new drugs and medical devices are tested and brought to market."

Michael Harrison, M.D. Director, Pediatric Device Consortium, Professor of Pediatric Surgery, UCSF Medical Center
Cloud Library to Store, Share and Stream Content
Engage your study participants better with instructional videos, high quality handouts and documents. Everything is viewable directly on their internet enabled devices from anywhere.

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