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How Tiatros Works

Employees choose when they want their 8-week program to begin and are assigned to a peer group. Each week, a new session will open with professional videos, learning materials, and exercises to complete. Most people need about 90 minutes to finish, but they have all week to submit their work to the team and can complete it however and whenever is most convenient —all at once or a few minutes at a time— from any location and on any device.


Once enrolled into a program, participants are expected to:

Engaging and Relatable

Practice Mindfulness

Sample the Finger Breathing Meditation, one of the many exercises for mindfulness, coping, and contemplation we've adapted for the digital world.

The Tiatros Impact

“One of the most powerful aspects was being able to really dig as deep as I wanted to. Being online gives you some anonymity that can break down some of that feeling of vulnerability, but still have sort of a sense of safety. I have a new narrative now and it's powerful and worthy.” -Tiatros Participant

Hone Critical Skills

Change doesn't happen without hard work, but we can give you the tools to better know yourself and create the best possible version of you.

Try out the

Alphabet Exercise

Recall the a recent event that has been causing you stress or frustration, one in which you would have liked to respond differently. This exercise is one of the simplest applications of CBT that can help you learn how to take back control of your own emotional experience by mindfully examining your patterns of thinking and adjusting them in a way that results in less emotional distress.


What happened? What’s stressing you out?


What negative thoughts does this situation cause you to have? How does it change the opinions you hold about yourself?


What sorts of problems arise when you feel this way? How does this type of thinking trigger further negative outcomes?


Assume all these thoughts you hold are wrong—even if you have trouble believing it—and challenge yourself with positive new explanations.


If you were to embrace these new beliefs, how would your behavior change? How would you expect your feelings to change?


Think of a few changes you could make to prevent this problem in the future. What could you start doing now to ensure your success?

Find the Right Program

Tiatros programs can be tailored to the specific needs of your workforce. We help participants with different needs, goals, and backgrounds reach successful outcomes—and new programs are always in development.


Designed by a veteran of the Global War on Terror, this program teaches combat veterans how to complete their transition from wartime service to peacetime purpose as they develop resilience, communication, and self-motivation skills with their comrades. This is the first program in Tiatros’ Trauma series, and forthcoming offerings will include tracks for first responders, survivors of sexual assault, and families in crisis.


Busy professionals can learn to balance the demands of their workplace aspirations and familial responsibilities by acquiring new skills designed to help them managed the chronic stress of modern life. This is the first program in Tiatros’ Resilience series, and forthcoming offerings will include tracks for students, veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce, and retirees.

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