We help those most in need

Right now, there are millions of Americans with a treatable mental illness. The majority of them do not have access to the safe and effective care they need. Tiatros can help your business or health care system improve the prevention and treatment of their disease.

  • Anxiety and depression are America's most expensive medical conditions, costing $201B for treatment and $193B in lost productivity each year

  • 1 in 3 employees will find it hard to cope at work this year because of depression, stress, or burnout, and less than 10% will feel comfortable asking their employer for help

  • Access, stigma, and cost of treatment are the primary reason 70% of patients give for not getting the help they need

Our Platform Gives You the Power to Help Your Employees & Patients and Gives Them Peace of Mind


Solve Big Problems With Big Data

Tiatros supports the unfettered and untouched capture of the structured and unstructured behavioral health data. Information from psychiatric evaluations, patient narratives, and clinical interactions maintains both context and privacy.

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Powerful Insights With Privacy

You need to improve access to high quality care, reduce the cost of treatment, and protect the health and productivity of your employees and patients. They demand absolute privacy, convenience, and a first-class experience. We can make it work for everyone.

we deliver Healthier participants, lower care costs, and reliable program success


improved resilience, wellness & somatization


Reduced Cost of Care & Workplace Absenteeism 


Average Participant completion Rate

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