Expect quality, Convenience, and success

We designed our platform to make the best possible care accessible to everyone. You decide it's time to get better. We show you how to do everything that comes next.

Make a Commitment

  • Commit to 8-weeks of work and expect new weekly session materials become available every Monday

  • Each session will take you about 90 minutes, but is completed asynchronously. When you do the work that week—and how you break it up—is completely up to you

Work As A Team

  • Join a peer group of 12 participants and 1 expertly trained facilitator work towards your goals together

  • Watch short video presentations, record your personal stories, and work through written and physical exercises

  • Give and receive timely feedback on the work presented by your team

Join A Community

  • Build on this success after graduation—for free!

  • We’ll provide your peer group voluntary access to presentations, exercises, and each other for 1 full year

  • Work alongside a broader community of your peers whenever you like, or join us again for a refresher program

Mindfulness Meditation

Sample the Finger Breathing Meditation, one of the many mindfulness, coping, and contemplation exercises we've adapted for the digital world.


Learn about neuroplasticity and how we can help you reclaim positivity and personal growth. Understanding your brain is the best way to fight the stigma of mental illness.

Skills Integration

Living your best possible life doesn't happen just because you want it to. If you put in the time, we'll give you the support necessary to turn knowledge into practice.

Find the right program for you

Choose a program tailored to your specific needs. We help participants with different interests, conditions, and demographics reach successful outcomes—and new programs and tracks are always in development.


Tiatros Post-Traumatic Growth

Watch the accompanying video to learn about our current track offering, Tiatros Post-Traumatic Growth for Veterans.

Led by a veteran of the Global War on Terror, this program has helped the survivors of many conflicts complete their transition from wartime service to peacetime purpose and prosperity with the help of their comrades and loved ones.

Forthcoming offerings will include tracks for first responders, survivors of sexual assault, and families in crisis.



Tiatros Personal Growth and Psychological Resilience

Our current offerings include Tiatros Personal Growth & Psychological Resilience at Work and Home. Built to help business professionals and their families balance aspiration and responsibility in both the workplace and at home, and to provide them the skills necessary to overcome the stress of modern life.

Forthcoming offerings will include tracks for teens, new families, and college students.

Tiatros Coping with A Serious or Chronic Illness

Designed to help both patients and their caregivers with the psychological demands of facing a serious or long-term illness, this program offers support for the newly diagnosed, chronic patients, and survivors alike. This program combines the latest therapeutic techniques for both enduring and thriving during adversity.

Forthcoming offerings will include tracks for not only cancer and dementia patients, but also for the loved ones who care for them.