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Tiatros® Care
Make Collaborative Care a Reality
Tiatros Care is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare platform designed specifically for Collaborative Care. With its secure social layer, it simplifies clinical workflows, communication and co-ordination among all care partners in Patient Centered Care. It helps providers extend their access to patients in their natural settings, at their home or work, increasing the level of engagement proven to deliver better outcomes.
"Tiatros Care connects all the people, medical records, specialized medical tests, and real-time clinical information that are needed to take care of a patient inside a HIPAA-compliant mobile cloud. It’s already changed how my colleagues and I practice medicine."
"Tiatros' ability to provide instant, useful and actionable data on any Internet-enabled device, gives healthcare systems of any size, small or large, powerful 21st century mobile technology for improving the delivery of healthcare. Their team really understands the complex workflows, and the communication and execution challenges, in the clinic and hospital settings. Tiatros has created a rich social workflow that puts all the staff and providers together on the same page. Tiatros Care is truly a revolution in collaborative delivery of care for Medicine."
Deep Dive Expert and Dramatic Process Improvement (DPI)
Coach Patient Visit Redesign (Coleman Associates)

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