we Use technologies, Communities, and Evidence-Based Psychotherapies to fight mental illness

Tiatros provides safe and effective psychological resilience and behavioral health programs that improve psychic and somatic health, and that promote personal growth and professional success. We do this with clinically sound therapeutic programs, relevant and engaging training methods, and supportive peer-health communities that cross the barriers of cost, commitment, and stigma. Our programs help those most in need, lower healthcare costs, and increase productivity.

Our name comes from the Classical Greek root iatro, which roughly translates to the English word for healing. We placed this ancient word in-between a T for technology and S for social in order to describe our modern medium and method through which healing is best delivered.


Founders & Team Leadership

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kimberlie cerrone

Founder & Executive Chairman

Kimberlie is a deal-maker and IP strategist who has been a C-level executive at nine venture capital-backed companies; at two of which she was part of the team that took the company from formation to IPO. She practiced technology and IP law at two of Silicon Valley’s top law firms where she was an early advisory to technology companies. Kimberlie has a B.S. from the University of Illinois, a M.S. from New York University and a MBA from University of San Francisco. She graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, and is a member of the California and USPTO bars. 


Seth Norman

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Seth began his career as a Captain in the United States Army, making two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a platoon leader and advisor to the Iraqi Army. While pursuing his MBA at Stanford University, he both attended the Institute of Design and served as a Department of Pyschiatry volunteer at the University of California, San Francisco. During this time he developed both his passion for helping veterans access care and the skills necessary to help deliver it. Seth also holds patents for medical devices designed for use by combat medics and disaster relief workers in the field and trains for the Marines Corps Marathon every year.

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Mahima Muralidharan, Psy.D

Chief Psychology Officer

Licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience providing program management, training, and psychological care.

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Sheldon Hamburger

VP of Strategic Sales

30 years of operational and sales experience in the healthcare sector.

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warren Smith

VP of Product

25 years of award winning product development and design experience in both tech and healthcare markets. 


Marco Barcella

VP of Program Development

20 years experience turning cloud and mobile technologies into successful businesses with IBMClinicient, and Appian


a. Isaac sonder

Senior Producer & Director

15 years as a digital multimedia specialist with a background in Film, Photography, and UX/UI Design.



Santanu Goswami

Chief Architect & Engineer

15 years experience in product development and consulting with PwC, IBM India, and Wipro Technologies.


Debashis Giri

Lead Software Development Engineer

9 years experience in product development, web technologies and Open source
software development.

Software Development Team

Advisors & Board Members

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Tony Acone

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Jennifer Christian, MD

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Clare John Fairfield


Christine Garcia, PsyD


Archelle Georgiou, MD


Fikry W. Isaac, MD


Susan Lucas-Conwell

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Karen A. Meyer


Les C. Meyer


Kim Norman, MD


Cynthia Ringo

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Russell Robbins, MD, MBA


N. Marcus Thygeson, MD, MPH


Sam Toney, MD


Micheal Yuhas

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